quarta-feira, 21 de abril de 2010


All spinning around, everything seems to be still, but me. All of this just takes the good of me. It's hard to concentrate. Take away my thoughts. I never thought that I could feel this way. [I search for you in the crowd. Nothing.] I can sense your smell somewhere between reality and alucionation [I keep searching for you] Blue sky, dark night. Where did it all go wrong? [You're just not here] Because maybe you could be the one that saves me. [You're just not here, something feels strange] I feel sick, a disease. Me and my disease. He was right, we all need some medicine. My stomach hurts, I feel empty and the emptiness fills my lungs with air and I just don't know where to put it, I forgot how to breathe. I need a breathe machine. I made a mistake somehow, a mistake that I'm not aware of and you're avoiding me. I feel like I am suffocating. [Just leave me here to breathe] I miss you suffocating me with all your love. She said you love me, but then why I can't ever reach you? [She's naive] She said you don't love me, she's just waiting for you like I do now. [She's an idiot] But you don't appear and I was waiting. You said I could count on you and where you are? He said he would love me, but he has one flaw: he's not you. He said that I need to understand that you are the part of my happiness, but can I be happy? Those buildings were always here? And why are all this people looking like I'm a freak? Why is this song playing again? I never meant to cause you trouble. I came here with a load and it doesn't feel that much lighter. Tell in my eyes all bad truth, that our dreams were nightmares, but at least talk to me.
This silence is what makes me insane, if it all was in vain come back and leave me. I just need to breathe, yeah, I just need to breathe one last time.

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