sábado, 5 de março de 2011

Doente de amor ou amor doente?

First act: Endless Love
Sick, sick, love sick...
With you around I can't barely breathe
My life wasn't ever this sweet
Promess me all those things
I know that we can keep...
*then a romantic look and a passionate kiss, they walk side by side, holding hands, and leave the scene*

Second act: Redemption
Sick, sick, lovesick
A lot of love and a little deceive
I am capable to give
You a lifetime of happiness
If you allow yourself to receive
*she fights with him, but he kisses her and they make up, leaving the scene talking about the future*

Third act: Doubts
Sick, sick, lovesick
What a beautiful and messy twist
I'm annoyed with those things you can't be
You're just way too different of me
I'm not sure this will work out, can you hear?
*she cries, he begs and they walk in opposite sides*

Last act: Where is the happy ending?
Sick, sick, lovesick
This surely looks more like a disease
I'm afraid of leaving you, so I don't leave
You crossed all boundaries
Are we sick of love or lovesick?
*the lights turn off*

2 comentários:

    Acho que você se superou nessa, sério, o jogo com as palavras, os textos em atos, tudo, tudo, tudo e tudo perfeito.

  2. O_O

    GENIAL demaaais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Caramba, que magnífico, amiga!
    Meus parabéns!!!