segunda-feira, 22 de novembro de 2010

Bitterness and irony

Once you told me you could never love me. As much as I was disappointed and suffering, I never gave up of this, of finding someone that could love me for those little details that you would never be able to see, the smile you would be never able to stare, the kiss you would never be able to feel. I never stopped looking because I knew I was better than this, I always knew that I would find him. And I did. The truth is that he has his flaws and sometimes I feel like jumping into his neck, but when I look down deep his eyes all I see is myself.
I love him for all those things that reminds me of you and for those other things that you would never have. You can mess with my head, put me on fire, but you can't mess with my heart. You brought scars way too deep to be erased with a simple hello. And I really like you, I always did.
The irony is there. I am the one being loved. And how does it feel to you?
Once you told me you could never love me
And if what we say comes back three times stronger, then I guess you are the one that will end up here, stuck with anyone to understand you, to make you feel warm.
Now it's me the one that can't love you.

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  1. nossa, esse final é tipo: toma na cara, piranha.