domingo, 1 de março de 2009

O Baralho

Joker: I put them all together to see how they worked out and intentionally I created a bond that no one can put apart.

A♥ => I would say that she's a fine lady with this giant heart that is full of souvenirs and scars from all the places he went. She's funny and tender, so full of childish dreams. She lays in her bed at night, right before sleep and she thinks: "what curse is this? I finally found my true love, but ironicly I'm not his". Oh! She didn't deserved it, but people who have a good heart are usually smashed in a crowd. 'Cause they all acts like clowns. Yeah, that's awfully true. Painting a red smile to forget how she is blue. Right, that's true. Crowd, clown's smile, blue, true...Clouds. This must be the place where she belongs.

2♣ => When you look at her, you think she doesn't exist. She looks so pure that is hard to resist. She got this curly black hair that once was green, she's as smart and cool as someone could have been. Look, I know, she already went to some hard times and she has problems to trust in people. Hold her hands and look in her eyes and you won1t see anything more beautiful. No there's no evil, when she is there.

Q♠ => About her I have a few things to say, she looks even untouchable in a certain way. She is the queen of spades, the chief of broken heart, to who untill now things have been really hard. Her eyes get so blur when you talk of her past, is like she's seeing those kisses in a train passing fast. He disappointed her as no one will do again, so she closed herself to avoid any future pain. But she's so incredible that I think that she could fit/ any guy's dreams and she is surprisingly sweet, but way to proud...Yeah...Way to proud to let you know it.

3♦ => She's for me the most sweet piece of the puzzle I made, everytime she cries some stars on the sky fade. She is like the princess of some romantic crappy song, and if he allowed she would prove how he is so fucking wrong. He is a big part of her but he likes of pretend, that he was not her own best friend. But I told her, he deserves a man who treats her right. Not someone that don't apreciate his own life. Because if he opened his fucking eyes, then he would realize that she's his life. She does this cute thing with her eyebrow, she light your world if you are down. But she don't see how amazing she is...I never met someone like this.

Yeah, so I put those four cards to play, and I complicated things to see if they would hide. But well, sweetheart, they came to stay. And the joker is me.


3 comentários:

  1. adorei!
    mas nem sei quem é cada uma xD
    mas algo me diz q a última é a Bih...
    por causa do treco da sobrancelha (?)


  2. Ahhh, eu sabia quem eu era! :D
    O de vocês eu já fiquei na dúvida ^^"
    Mas Mandy, amei, muito lindo o post! *-*
    Adorei a idéia.