quinta-feira, 19 de março de 2009

Now everything is near

Come on baby, you know this isn't right
'Cause there is snow falling through my window
And you know that when comes the cold night
Maybe you'll be wishing I were there with you
But baby I guess is too late to
Keep thinking of what we could be
'Cause as I get myself away from you
Everything is near.
I walked on the streets
On a saturday night
Then I saw all the things
That I knew would make you smile
And then a tear fall down to the ground
And the people didn't make any sound
Maybe my heart did so much noise
That I thought that I had a choice 
to do
And it all always comes back to you
To the creep way I feel when you're here
'Cause as I get myself away from you
Everything is near.
So then I try all the time to run away
I try to stay awake and don't be blue
But you haunt me and I can't help but feel this way
Damn it, I love you.
And unfortunately there's no way to go back
Because no one will have your perfect face
And doesn't matter if you belong in my past
No one can take your place
So let me be in another arms this time
He treates me right and gives me hope
But it's you the reason why I rime
Damn it, our love is a course.
He does me more good than you'll do
With you love means fear
'Cause as I get myself away from you
Everything is near
Now everything is near.

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