sexta-feira, 27 de março de 2009

I hate men. <3

You told me it was real and all you've done is disappoint me. So take away your voice from my old radio, take away your name from the conversation, because I can't keep, loser, I can't keep believing you have a salvation.

You laugh with me, played with me and if wasn't for her, I would believe we could've been...You know...A kind of we.

You left me alone after you said you would stay. I can't even deal with that or move on untill this day.

You look so strong, I could almost believe in this sad tale that you call life. But when you're lying to yourself you're just turning into ashes everytime, just falling piece by piece inside. 

You've been good to me as no one have ever been, which makes you the biggest asshole I've ever seen.

You kissed me wild, called me your little girl and lied that I mattered to you. But you were the real baby, the small one of the two.

You appeared in the wrong time, you are exactly how I imagine my soul mate. And if I still had a heart, hopes and dreams...Well, I would call this fate.

You made me fly high, I just couldn't count that you would make me wish to lay under the ground.

You are the worst, you're all just a ghost, a bad dream from my head, the memories of my past...
Because love never lasts. And lovers last even least.

Love is just a beast
Tormenting my poisoned mind
So just lay by my side and give me a reason why
to go on on this bullshit.

She dreams too much this silly girl, but life is made of nightmares.
And he everytime will pretend to her that he cares...
She dreams too much this silly girl, but life is made of nightmares.

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  1. "You told me it was real and you would teach me not to fear just to heal... Once was the time we felt alive with a living will"
    Dá uma facada neles
    Dói menos[2]
    Eu chorei internamente, porque depois do meu dia bipolar eu nunca mais vou chorar. (: Ficou digníssimo.

  2. nossa vei,
    lindo :~
    o começo então...!

    sem comentários sobre o comentário da Bih xD
    eu demorei um século tentando lembrar aonde eu tinha ouvido oq ela citou aí em cima.
    eu ando filtrando a minha vida, bgs *: