terça-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2011

Please, turn the page

Dear Miss Marilia,

I found the letter you wrote to Luke. He still did not see it, but, I must say that, whether his reading depends on me, I am sure he will not even know about the existence of you reply.

I took in his mail box, this same morning, a letter from you, his ex-girlfriend, and, yes, even though it was not addressed to me, I dared to hide it from his sight. Before whatever judgment you may make about my attitude, I am counting on your comprehension considering what you would do if you had seen a letter from the ex-girlfriend of the guy you love so damn much - and you were afraid of losing him to his own past.

You see, I must tell you I got really shocked when I discovered he sent you some gifts yesterday, especially yesterday. I had to make a great, great effort to not let my tears roll down along the paper while reading it. Yesterday was supposed to be our first Valentine’s Day, I was supposed to receive all that stuff you received... Instead, I did not receive a thing at all, but a gloomy kiss.

However, he loves me. I know he loves me, I know he does. I am afraid not as much as he loved you, though. So, please, do not insist on this, once what you guys had is gone. Nothing lasts, but memories. I am dead sure that what you miss are the memories, not he himself. He either. You miss what you lived together, although that will not come back. You have your own boyfriend now, so do not insist on Luke. Things changed and you should move on, Marilia.

I am aware he suffered a lot with everything you both went through... But he is doing fine until now, until you are far from us, at least. I am trying hard to make things work with my Luke. You should as well try with yours. I am asking you, Miss Marilia, ignore whatever more he sends you and forget him.

You had your chance to make him happy, now it’s my turn.


2 comentários:

    Se eu inspirei esse texto, amiga, tô feita na vida.
    Já disse que amei?

  2. Juro que se mudar o momento e os nomes, isso foi uma parte da minha história.
    Amei também. :*