domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

Dog Days Are Over

Oh, honey, I never thought it could really happen, and I believe I'll not sleep today, thanks to you.
When you told me everything I wanted to hear it was the best time since the day we met, and I'm serious. I know I've cried over you so many times and fortunately you know it too, so when you got quiet when I told you I loved you I started to just go through life without any real kind of feeling other than the pain of not losing my love, but my best friend also.
Damn it. Feelings tend to screw everything up, you were the first one to tell me that, so the impulse to run when I realized I had real feelings for you got stronger and stronger, but now it seems so silly, because I never gave you the chance to answer me, 'til the time you stopped me on the street and said you felt the same way.
So tears of joy threatened to appear and instead you just kissed me.
And I knew that my dog days were done.

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  1. Caraaaaaaaaaaacas que fofura. Imaginei a cena, dik.