terça-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2009

The one trapped in your net

So it all started as it suppose to be
Some desire, some kiss, somethings you said to me
Then it was all fantastic, I knew it couldn't last
You were like a prince, a sweet dark one that I create in the past
And I remember your hair in my hands and some silly old song
Playing while you caressed me and while I felt your tongue
In mine. Oh God. Oh Lord! Where the fuck am I?
I can't live with you haunting me, I can't leave you behind
So what am I suppose to do? What am I suppose to do?
Just sit here and wait for you?
You know I'm not this kind of girl
You know I'm all fucked up.
You know me better then myself
Will you make me give up?
Well, then, I made a decision right here in this train
You know that I won't ever forget
If you couldn't go, I'm gone 'cause I can't be again
The one trapped in your net.

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