terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2009

Gotta keep on keeping on

Honestly, people always tell me about those who are so "weak".
But what do you mean? That i'm strong? Well, yes, i am.
They come like "yeah, poor her, her life is a shit, do you see?"
Yes i see. And i do care. I just don't show it. I hardly show anything.
That's what makes me strong perhaps.
I don't cry, i don't love, i don't have a heart.
I'm not a pretender. I try hard to be as honest as possible.
But that one that is always smiling, helping the others, trying to be just ok, maybe if you look deep in the eyes of this one... you'll see sadness and confusion.
They just don't freak out, give up and crumble down like the weak people.
Whos so used with the whatever pain.

Um comentário:

  1. Mommy always says to me and Mah: Get used to the good stuff, not the bad ones that hurt you.

    And Grey's taught me: "If you don't want crappy things happening in your life, stop taking crap and demand something better"

    IDK. Just saying.