terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

The fairest one

"And she whirled along in the dance, floating as the swallow soars when it is being pursued, and everyone applauded her and cried out in admiration. Never had she danced so magnificently. It was as though sharp knives were cutting her delicate feet, but she didn't feel it. The pain in her heart was even greater. She knew this was the last evening she would see the one for whom she had left her family and her home, sacrificed her beautiful voice, and daily suffered endless agony without his ever realizing it. It was the last night she would breathe the same air as he, see the deep sea and the starry sky. An endless night without thoughts or dreams awaited her - she who neither had a soul nor could even win one. And there was gaiety and merriment on the ship until long past midnight. She laughed and danced, with the thought of death in her heart."

The Little Mermaid, de Hans Andersen.

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  1. CA-RAM-BA!
    Esse cara é um gênio, meldels. D:
    Que trecho mara.