domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

You're stuck in my head like a song

I was blue for so long,
I was wrong and damaged.
But now...
I have new eyes, everything seems colorful and bright.
I have new ears, all those crappy romantic shit and those love songs make (some) sense.
I have new skin, since it have been touched by the sun and by somebody's hands i don't look sick any longer.
I have new mouth, it feels so much soft.
I have a whole new body and new head.
I'm a little bit scared, but don't worry. I'll find out some way to make it right.
I always do.

4 comentários:

  1. AI QUE OTIMISTA! *--------*
    Muito muito muito lindo.
    Are you feeling it?

  2. I am too (:
    I'll find some way to make the thing right...

    ilyg ♥

  3. Depende do dia e do fuso horário, queridas del mi corazóne.

    Bonito o post, Tam-Tam; fico muito feliz por sentirem-se renovadas brand-new *-*