sexta-feira, 16 de maio de 2014

A Fond Farewell For a Friend.

All the plans I had
All the stuff I kept
To myself were about you
Forgetting is so hard to do
When there's absolutely nothing new
Better than you
Who gave you the right to move into my heart
Who told you I'd be the one with the scars

I guess now there's no more time to say
That even when you were dragging me down, I've stayed
I looked at you while you looked away
You're such a self centered old bastard
And I wish I was just like you
So you could love me just a few too
Who in the world could wish me such an curse and why
All I have is what stayed behind

I'll never know what your habits are
If you look in the mirror when you enter your car.
If it burns inside when you touch her hand
If someday I'll tell you and you'll understand
But I came here just to say
I'm so glad you walked in my way
And fucked up my entire life
Because all I am is what stayed behind.

This empty shell is never going to be a problem anymore
This empty shell is now closing the door
For real, not like before,
Have a nice life, stranger.
There's not even room enough for the anger.
Take care, I trully wish you well.
Adieu and go to hell.

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